Who is the Patron Saint of Travel?

Road Trip withe the Patron Saint of Travel

St. Christopher is recognized as the patron saint of travelers. You will often see St. Christopher pendants hanging from the rear view mirror of a car or attached as a clip on the car’s visor. His protection is reputed to keep people safe when they travel.

Behold Saint Christopher and go Your Way in Safety

The phrase” “behold Christopher and go Your Way in Safety.” speaks to his patronage offering protection to those on a journey, whether it is across the globe or on a short commute. While a Christopher medal is not a magic amulet, it is meant to turn our eyes toward God, ultimately seeking His protection. Calling on St. Christopher is to some effect asking him to ride shotgun with us; bringing his prayers to bear along with ours asking God to bring us or others we love safely to our destination.

While Christopher is not limited by the type of transportations, there is a specific saint for air travel. If you are a frequent flyer, you might want to look into the Flying Friar, St. Joseph of Cupertino. St. Christopher will still work in the air, but Joseph of Cupertino is a specialist.

The Legend of St. Christopher

A legendary giant of a man, he is said to have carried the Christ child and the weight of the world across a dangerous river. You can learn about St Christopher on the following pages.

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