St Christopher 5-Way Military Medals

The 5-way military medal has a number of features designed for the men and women serving in the various branches of the Armed Services of the United States.

  • At its center a 5-way military medal features the emblem of the branch of service to which the man or woman in uniform serves.
  • On the bottom of the medal, St. Michael the Archangel is pictured. He is the most powerful and exalted of all angels, who led the charge against the rebellious angels and himself cast Satan into hell.
  • On the right is St. Joan of Arc, a 17 year old shepherdess, who was called by heavenly voices to lead the armies of France to victory.
  • On the top of the medal is St. George, traditionally depicted as he courageously slays the dragon, symbolic of both the spiritual and the temporal struggle.
  • On the left side, is our guardian angel, our most faithful friend, who never leaves our side and is always ready to come to our aid.
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