A Commuter’s Prayer to St. Christopher

Commuter in Evening Traffic

For those who face daunting commutes to work each day, St. Christopher can be a companion and an example. Saint Christopher is the patron saint of transportation and all those who travel.

According to legend he carried travelers across a dangerous river. In a similar way commuters engages in the challenging task of dealing with traffic, weather and unexpected delays each day. Along the way other divers may be rude or make mistakes. There is the danger of accident or injury.

Many people today wear a Saint Christopher Medal or have a Christopher medallion on their keychain or attached to their visor. His image is a reminder that God will look out for us and his intercession is sought often by those who travel.

The time spent in the commute is lost forever. Invite St. Christopher to journey with you and let your time on the road be a time of prayer for your most important journey – Life.

A Commuter’s Prayer to St. Christopher

St Christopher, warrior saint and protector of travelers
guard me in my commute this day.
That I may arrive safely at work and return home at end of day.

You waded through dangerous waters
With others depending on your strength for safety.
Bring me unharmed through the stress and danger of traffic.

Grant me patience with other drivers
and help me carry any inconvenience with grace.
Turn my frustration into a prayer for their safe travel.

Ride with me as I travel so that it will be a time of prayer and reflection
on the journey God has set me on,
from this moment until I return to home.


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