St Christopher - Patron of Travelers

St. Christopher one of the most well known of the saints is known is the patron saint of travelers. Many people wear St. Christopher medals to seek his guidance during travel (including the daily travel through life). Others clip St. Christopher visor clips to their car’s sun visor in order to pray for his assistance in their travels along the roadways. His patronage of those on the move came about because of the legend of St. Christopher carrying the disguised Christ-child across a river. As a result, the name Christopher means “Christ-bearer.”

St. Christopher is usually depicted as a tall man with a beard carrying a child on his shoulder across a waterway. He is one of the fourteen holy helpers – saints who have been grouped by the Catholic Church as those whose intercession has been known to be particularly helpful and effective. While St. Christopher no longer holds a feast day on the Roman calendar, he is highly honored and regarded by the faithful worldwide.

  • Patron of Travelers
  • Patron of Bachelors
  • Patron of Motorists and Drivers
  • Patron of Transportation workers
  • Patron of Gardeners